Bees for sale from Norfolk Honey


Bees for sale from Norfolk Honey 2018

The best deal I can offer.

1) A colony of bees shook swarmed onto new frames early in the season with a last years proven laying queen.

2) A colony with a new queen bred that season and shook swarmed onto new frames.

A new season colony of bees will be one with a queen bred once the season is fully underway. In this part of the UK, in most years, new queens become available starting around the middle of May they will ready to move on around the end of May start of June once a good laying pattern has been established. They are likely to be sold as nucs - several frames of brood and a couple of stores. But can also be sold as full colonies.

Bees for sale

Early spring offer for beginners.

A colony of bees with a previous year's queen on existing frames just as it is.

Bee keepers increase your stocks and genetic diversity

A 'split' - that is a nuc composed of an one year old queen on five or six frames.

Bees on a budget

A 'split' with a queen two or three years old.

Overwintered nucs

Queens can be bred later in the season than the spring . Then as a small colony they can be kept in a nuc box over the winter. These overwintered nucs are ready in the early spring to be united with an existing colony (maybe one that has had an older queen removed). Or be put into a full sized box built up into a new colony - and given some early feed to help build up their numbers.

Nucs made from 'splits'

As part of the swarm control process older queens can be removed form a colony as a nuc. The colony can then be used in a variety of ways or united with an over wintered nuc with a younger queen to take the colony on into the season to make honey. I can make up nucs this way to order.

I also offer a limited number of one to one Norwich Bee Keeping Courses.