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Book Bee Keeping A novices Guide

New book - Bee Keeping A Novices Guide

An illustrated account of David's first two years as a beekeeper

As a relatively new bee keeper David found that most books were written by experts who assumed the reader already knew something about bee keeping. As a professional photographer he decided to write this guide using his own images to assist a new keeper in starting out, from buying and looking after the bees through to selling their honey.

The book covers all aspects of beekeeping for the beginner. Photo lead so the
reader can see each step in keeping bees, covering their first two years.

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started – “don’t be afraid to ask”
3. The Hive – “where it all happens”
4. The National Hive – “part by part”
5. Equipment – “buy it as you need it”
6. Bees – “it’s a hard life being a honey bee”
7. Where to place your hive – “don’t upset the neighbours”
8. Getting and transferring you bees – “where do I get them “
9. Opening the hive – “your first inspections”
10. Feeding bees – “if you take their honey you have to return something”
11. Subsequent inspections – “adding supers”
12. Wintering your bees – “give them a little help”
13. Collecting swarms – “a free colony”
14. Your second year – “the spring clean”
15. Swarm prevention in your second season – “splitting a hive”
16. Extracting honey – “the sticky but sumptuous bit”
17. Honey – “jars, chunk or comb”
18. A beekeeper’s year – “things to remember to do”
19. The end – “if you have got to this stage, congratulations you are a beekeeper”
20. Glossary
21. Web links

130 pages in full colour - Printed on 170gsm gloss paper 18.9 x 24.6 cm Soft Card Gloss Cover

Words and Photographs by David Wootton

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