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Increase your stock of bees.

Online course:

Swarm control, hive splitting and queen rearing for amateurs.

Norfolk Honey offer easy instructions for new bee keepers to follow.

Our double box method of artificial swarming will enable you to prevent your bees from swarming and enable you to breed new queens in the easiest and safest way possible.

Breeding new queens can easily be done very successfully using very little more equipment than you already have. Even a beginner can easily understand the basic concepts and get started as soon as they have bees in their hive.

But you don't need to be a beginner to take this course. Beekeepers who have been keeping hives for a few years may also be interested in improving their bee stocks by selecting and breeding from their best bees. Do you have mite removing bees in your hives? There may even be beekeepers out there who would like to expand a little more and help to supply the ever increasing demand for queens sent by post.

Here we not only explain our simple system but we also study the variety of concepts behind rearing your own queens. This will enable you to choose a method that suits you and your situation best.

Once started you can call me for support and advice in your beekeeping and call me again at vital stages during the queen rearing process.

Our course consists of these elements:

1 This is a tailor made course. The first step is an in deph telephone conversation that helps me understand your situation and how you have your apiary set up. Once I know how you do your beekeeping and what your aims are then I can plan out a course of action for you. Often there are options that we can discuss and you can choose from. We have to build in some flexability as so much depends on the weather.

2 Once I know what you want to achieve I will draw up a basic set of simple step-by-step instructions for you to follow. I will put them online for you in your own secure folder where you will be able to access them with your own secure login. My simple method of hive splitting is explained with instructions for beginners. For the more experienced and ambitious there several queen breeding methods explained in detail. Everything is online where you can access it at any time. There is range of different methods of artificial swarming and several breeding methods that are explored with online links, explanations and photos.

3 The course includes telephone support to discuss your particular situation as we go through the season. Others who have done this course have commented on how this kind of ongoing discussion was a great help in all of their general beekeeping tasks.

You can join at any time.

My personal breeding program starts April 15th 2013. Each year I take one of the main queen breeding methods and breed my queens using it. I will take photos of each part of the process. You can join and follow me and check out my photos as I proceed each step of the way. Or you can join at any time of the year.

The course fee is £80

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