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Managed apiaries

If you would like an apiary but don't want initially to become a beekeeper yourself you can have a Norfolk Honey Managed Apiary. You need a piece of land that is sheltered from the North and the East and large enough to take six to twelve hives. Ideally it will have it's own access and be out of public view.

Your site needs be near enough to Norwich to make traveling economically viable. I currently have apiaries within the circle on the map below. Some of my own and some managed.

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Once a site is agreed on you can choose what kind of hives you want to buy - wooden, polystyrene, plastic. I will supply you with both the hives and the bees. I set the hives up for you once your site is prepared. Site pereparation and moving the bees in will depend on your site situation and the time of the year I move bees into your apiary.

As we go through the season I will manage your bees for you and keep a record of every hive visit. The number of visits will depend on the type of management plan you choose. I will draw up a proposal for you with an option of management plans.

And of course as both the hives and the bees are yours so is the honey your bees make.

Please email me for more details.





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