Norfolk Honey - Swarms of honeybees

Honey comb in the wild

Norfolk Honey - Swarm collection in East Anglia

Swarm collection - swarms of bees can be collected in the Norwich area

If you have a swarm of bees that need collecting in the Norwich area you can contact me on my mobile 07941088026 and for a small fee (in Norwich £40 outside £50) I will come and collect them and remove them for you.

If you have a swarm of bees in the folowing areas

Swarm collection - swarms collection North and East of Norwich - Coltishall area - call Tim on 01603 266224 - 0790 5398530

Swarm collection - swarms of bees collected in the Thetford area Thetford - call Christoph on 01953 497003

Swarm collection - swarms of bees collected in the Ipswich area

Suffolk - east of Ipswich (up and down the A12) Richard Quarrell on 07973 417303 or 0139 4450438

Ipswich - call Lee Smith
Tel Ips 01473 614114
Mob. 07847334933

Ipswich - call Shaun & Cara
01473 728421
07908433529 or 07872010382

Swarms to be collected in Lowestoft, Beccles, Halesworth, Southwold, Yoxford. call Lisa Lark 01502 446500

If you are a beekeeper that would like to be added to this list Please email me

Swarms wanted
If you are looking for a swarm of bees Please email me

Swarms for sale
If you have a swarm of bees for sale Please email me

Bees in your property?
Swarming bees have a habit of finding themselves a home in walls, chimneys, sheds and lofts. In fact anywhere that is dry and warm with a small enough entrance that can be defended. The hole left by the removal of an old overflow pipe is an ideal entrance for bees especially if there is an unfilled cavity wall behind it.

Getting bees out of these spaces can be a difficult and time consuming job - sometimes it can be done, although often the best policy is to leave the bees alone. I you would like me to visit and advise then please email me

Photo: Wild comb made by honeybees in Thetford Norfolk. This swarm was collected late October 2011. Thanks Beverley for the photo.



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