Norfolk Honey

Honey comb ready for extraction


Honey for sale

My Norfolk honey is extracted by spinning it out of the frames. Honey extracted this way is also known as 'raw honey'.

My honey is available from the outlets below.

Brays the butchers (near the Co-Op supermarket on the Earlham Road).

Dozen Artisan Bakery
107 Gloucester Street Norwich NR2 2DY

Clarke & Ravenscroft Delicatessen in St Gregorys Alley. NR2 1ER

Louis' Deli 81 Upper St Giles Street Norwich NR2 1AB

And you can also buy from me direct

93 Caernarvon Road

Please contact me by email for further details. Or call me on 07530460841 (please don't text) if you are in Norwich.

Honey for sale

Honey for sale

World Honey producers

Beekeepers if you have honey for sale please email me with your details to be added to this list

2014 Raw multifloral honey for sale from Lithuania. Available in bulk, in buckets of 20-25 kg and small plastic buckets of 1 litre or glass jars of 0,5 litre at a reasonable price. We can deliver the honey to the place you wish. Vaida Sarkauskiene
2014 Hi. I have honey for sale.  
All the honey is coming from Romania. I have for sale about 8-10 tones per annum
Types of flowers:
- colza ( translation in romanian: rapita)
-linden ( translation in romanian: tei)
-acacia ( translation in romanian: salcam)
-sunflower ( translation in romanian: floarea soarelui)
-polyfloral ( translation in romanian: poliflora)
My phnone number is 07553651891 Email: Liviu Toma
2014 We are a Portuguese Company and we will have two months from now (10/4/2014) Bulk Honey in 300Kgs Drums to Sell. Email: Humberto Bento
2014 Pure acacia, lime tree and sunflower Romanian honey for sale, any quantity. email: Andria
2014 My name is David from Nigeria. I'm a honey supplier in Nigeria, I sell raw un-proccess honey
and I would like to supply same honey to any interested honey buyer in UK and any other
countries. My mobile number is +2347037781319 email David
2013 We distribute honey, only pure honey.
We have mixed honey 18 ton: 6 ton mixed nectar with a browner shade and 12 ton sunflower honey.
We have 11 ton acacia honey bright, 11 ton acacia honey browner.
If you are interested in samples we can send some.
We can provide more honey if you need larger quantity - email: David
2013 Acacia honey from Poland - email Catherine
2013 Russian bulk honey for sale - email len
2013 Pure honey from Romania 2000kg - email Marcl
Russian honey available in bulk - email Paul Kovzelev
Romanian honey - email Virginia - click here
Romanian honey - email Marius - click here
Argentina honey - email Tomás Agustín Tuma - click here
Uganda best quality honey - email Clement - click here
Spanish honey in bulk - click here
Indian honey in bulk - email Anil Shivaram
Turkish honey in bulk - email özgürpire
Honey for sale - Lithuania - email Algis Steponavicius
Honey for sale in bulk from Bulgaria - email
Bulk honey for sale from Romania - email
Bulk honey for sale from Tanzania - email
Chinese Honey - email

Link - How do bees make honey?


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