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The Rose Metod - an alternative approach to bee keeping

The Rose Hive Method By Tim Rowe

Take a step back and fresh look at the conventions of modern beekeeping with The Rose Hive Method

The Rose Method - alternative beekeeping

"Ordinary beekeepers everywhere are contributing to the huge pressures honeybees are under. Though well-meaning and hard-working, they are part of the problem that is causing a massive decline in the population of honeybees throughout the world."

"In this book Tim Rowe challenges the hives and the hive-management we all take for granted, and offers instead a simpler hive, a new management approach, and a better way of working with our bees.."


More than just another hive design The Rose Bee Hive is central to a revolution in modern beekeeping.

Why bother?

Having frames which can be moved anywhere throughout the hive - and boxes which can be put anywhere within the hive-stack - allows for more flexible hive-management and a far better way of working with our bees..

What are they?

Of course, that means that all the frames inside the boxes are the same size too, and that means they're all interchangeable throughout the hive.

Rose hives have led to the development of a whole new approach to beekeeping - the 'Rose Hive Method'. This is arguably the healthiest and most natural way of beekeeping there is, and it really works.

It's based on working more closely with our bees - giving them space where they need it, replacing old comb often, allowing and encouraging our bees to do what bees want to do. Honeybees have been successful for millions of years - they know what they're doing - but conventional beekeeping methods have been stifling their best efforts to stay healthy and productive.

The Rose Hive Method is made possible because these hives are all so interchangeable, and also because a queen-excluder is not needed in a Rose hive. The brood-nest is not restricted in any way, and the colony can move about within the hive in the way that suits them best.

Increasing our stocks - something that's essential these days - is also a big part of this method, and it's very easy, too, just because boxes and frames can be taken from any part of the hive..

Overall, though, the biggest emphasis within this method is colony health, and Rose hives make keeping your bees healthy very easy indeed. Again, by working with them instead of against them..

You will find videos online - but the book is now out of stock.


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