Norfolk Honey - Honeybees for sale in Gloucester

Honeybees for sale - pick up in Gloucester from highly experienced beekeepers

Nucs of honeybees available for pick up 2013. On 5 British standard national frames. They contain a family of bees and an imported queen which is marked to the year accordingly (2012 Yellow). Supplied in non-return ventilated wooden boxes.

Nucs £220
Deposit to confirm order £60

Nucs in Polystyrene boxes £200

A colony of bees otherwise known as a working hive. Supplied to you with a laying queen and bees with brood in all different stages in a high quality WBP (plywood) brood box.

Colony £270
Deposit to confirm order £70

To purchase please email for my bank details or post a cheque - click here for contact details.


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