Norfolk Honey - Honeybees for sale in Wales

Honeybees for sale - pick up in Wales from a bee keeper and hive maker

Nucs of Welsh honeybees available for pick up 2012. Starting in April (sorry bad weather - May) these early nucs will have 2011 queens. (later in the year nucs with new queens will be available) The bees are bred in Wales so the nearer you live to Wales to more likely they will be suited for your location. They are on five frames with marked queens.

The nucs will be available in a choice of four boxes:

1 In a white Corex traveling box - £170
As the the bees can't stay in these boxes for very long you will need to pick them up the day after they are put into the box. We will give you the date for pick in advance.

2 In a cedar brood box attached to a Varroa open mesh floor with a crown board and roof - £305
Ideal for beginners who haven't yet purchased a hive. Your nuc will be in a brand new brood box ready for feeding and expansion. There will be no need to take the frames out of one box and put them into another box. All you will need to do is pick up the brood box with the bees in, put it in the boot of your car, site it in your new apiary, leave it to settle down for an hour or two before you open your entrance block and let the bees fly. There is no time pressure on when you pick your bees up. You can also buy a queen excluder, more supers, a feeder, a smoker etc. etc. when you pick your box up.

3 In a cedar nuc box - £270
If you already have a hive then a nuc box is a very useful extra piece of equipment to have in your apiary shed. Once the frames with the bees on have been moved into your hive you can keep it to use again. It can be used to house a swarm. You can breed a new queen in it. You can move your queen back into it in order to split your hive. You will always find a spare nuc box worth having. There is less time pressure on picking up your bees in a nuc box than in a corex box but not as much leeway as in a brood box.

4 In polystyrene traveling box - £230
This traveling box also doubles up as a nuc box with a feeder compartment down one side.

The first bees will be available for pick up early in the season giving you maximum time to build up your colony - hopefully before the main 2012 honey flow! However, as they are previous seasons queens we would advise that you split your hive during this first season and breed yourself a second queen. By splitting your hive you can easily breed one or more queens for 2013. Norfolk honey offer a unique online course to help you breed a new queen safely without risking the loss of your existing queen. For our queen rearing course click here

Pick up near Wrexham. If you wish to pick up in South Wales please email for details.

To purchase please email for my bank details.


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