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Honey comb ready for extraction


Honey for sale in jars.

Most bee keepers will offer some honey for sale in jars. The price of a jar of honey will depend on the beekeeper and the type of honey they are selling.

Most beekeepers will be happy to sell you a single jar - or, if they have them in stock, several hundred jars.

Temperature destroys enzymes so extracting the honey cold is presenting the food in its most natural form with optimized health effects. This is 'raw honey'. Raw honey is spun out of the comb and not melted out.

Large producers of oil seed rape honey may use melting machines to get their honey out of the honey comb as oil seed rape honey sets very fast.

The main types of honey available in the UK include the following:

Oil Seed Rape honey
Borage honey
Field beans honey
Heather honey
Lime honey
Ivy honey
Sea lavender honey
Spring wild flowers multi floral honey
Town multi floral honey
Himalayan balsam honey
Summer multi floral honey

(if I have missed a honey off the list that your bees make then please email me)

Some beekeepers also sell cut comb honey in jars. The cut comb is immersed in liquid honey in the jar.

Norfolk honey is in contact with a number of beekeepers who offer honey for sale in jars. If you are looking to buy a quantity of honey in jars please email me for current information on availability and price.

Beekeepers who offer honey for sale in jars
If you are a beekeeper who has honey for sale in jars you could email me and I will add your details to our contact list.




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